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2022 Email Marketing Roadmap for Business Owners

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How Content and Email Marketing Work Together to Build Your Business

Want to get more people paying attention to your marketing emails? Many small businesses see big results from a content marketing strategy, which often takes the form of the tried-and-true email newsletter. Before we dig into how content marketing and email marketing...

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Customer Retention vs Customer Loyalty: What’s the Difference?

The most successful business owners use every resource they have to maintain and grow their book of business. Loyal customers are perhaps your most valuable resource -- but only if you can activate them. What's the difference between customer retention and customer...

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5 Easy and Impressive Client Thank You Gift Ideas

It's an unpredictable time for small businesses, no matter your industry. Business owners are looking for creative ways to generate more sales, but often they focus too much energy on finding new prospects and not enough on retaining and activating their past...

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How to Show Genuine Customer Appreciation: 6 Actionable Ideas

Is customer appreciation a part of your current marketing strategy? If not, it could be hurting your business. Whether you realize it or not, reciprocity is a powerful psychological trigger -- one that makes customers more likely to return your generosity in the form...

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13 Important Email Etiquette Rules for Businesses

Business professionals know staying in front of their customers is a must. One of the best ways to accomplish that is through a smart email marketing strategy. In fact, 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business and 75% of companies agree...

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4 Ways to Limit Daily Distractions When Working from Home

As our technology advances and our culture shifts, remote working and flexible schedules are becoming more normal. Many people find their productivity increases when they work from home, but not without learning how to work efficiently away from an office. Here are...

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The Best Free Online Learning Resources for a Tight Budget

Here's a quick multiple-choice question for you. Scenario: your dryer stops working. It still turns on, but it looks like the drum inside isn't spinning. Do you: A. Start Googling "local dryer repair" and see if someone can come out and fix it? B. Start Googling...

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