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Craig Morningstar
Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Scalable Growth for the Independent Advisor

“OutboundEngine has made cold calling a thing of the past. Your solution is a perfect fit with our business culture, and your focus on revenue-producing activities allows us to focus on everything else.”

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When Jim Cannon and Craig Morningstar started Dynamic Wealth Advisors, they aimed to create a progressive financial services firm that utilized out-of-the-box ideas to achieve rapid growth. Today, they rely on OutboundEngine to enable independent advisors to nurture and expand their book of business. “Most business development professionals aren’t investing in online marketing. Without it, an advisor has to spend a lot of time that not only does not produce revenue, but also keeps them from meeting new people and following up with their current network. There are so many barriers that OutboundEngine breaks through.”


“After we preview our emails, we send it off to Compliance who gives the final approval. Then, we notify our advisors, and the email is automatically sent. It’s that easy — and it helps free up our time so we can work more efficiently. We see OutboundEngine as an effective and efficient tool for our advisors and company. Your launch team is excellent, which is often the hardest thing about starting to work with a new service — it’s the monster under the bed. They take care of every worry and leave no question unanswered. I don’t know how you make that happen, but you should put that in a bottle and sell it,” says Craig.


“We used to cold call, but now we can target our efforts to people who are looking at our information. This strategy has been way more successful, as the call has shifted from a cold pitch to a conversation. Our advisors not only know who they are calling ahead of time, but also how many emails he or she has clicked. This leads to way more scheduled appointments,” says Craig.


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • 30+ years industry experience
  • Securities and insurance licensed since 1991


  • Offers complete turnkey RIA services
  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona

Bottom line

Dynamic Wealth Advisors needed a scalable solution for their online marketing needs. OutboundEngine allows them to use a one-to-many scenario to support their team of advisors with an easy-to-use solution that starts conversations and produces results.

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