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Susan Baca
Kidders + Real Estate

Busy Agent Leaves Digital Marketing to the Experts

“As a real estate agent, I wear so many hats and I can’t be an expert at everything! That’s why it’s been so important for me to pass some things on to people who are — like my marketing and OutboundEngine.”

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Susan Baca has been a successful real estate agent in Boulder, Colorado for 15 years and along the way, she’s learned to excel at the activities that make her a top performer. “I love my job so much!” she says. “It satisfies my love of working with people, my creative side through staging and helping clients get their houses ready to sell, while the negotiations and legal aspects let me use my business degree.” However, because she’s so busy, Susan eventually had to learn how to delegate. “I wear so many hats and I can’t be good at everything! That’s why it’s been so important for me to pass some things on to people who are — like my marketing and OutboundEngine.”


Despite her admission that digital marketing is not her strength, she never doubted its importance. “It’s absolutely essential. Who doesn’t start their real estate search online? If you want to be on someone’s radar, you have to be on the internet!” But as someone with a strong existing brand and sense of design, Susan wasn’t ready to attach her name to just any marketing content. Much of what she saw in her initial search wasn’t up to her standards — whether because it looked cheesy or because the content didn’t feel relevant or impactful to her network. “I immediately loved the look and information provided in OutboundEngine’s newsletters and posts and I’m so grateful I found something I’m proud to put my name on.”


Since working with OutboundEngine, Susan has been able to use the time it would take her to learn about digital marketing (something she’s not interested in doing!) to dedicate both to her business and her life outside of work. In fact, she and her husband took a full month to travel to Nepal to celebrate their 30th anniversary. She is able to take trips, spend time with her family, and concentrate on the parts of her business she loves doing because, as she says, “I depend on experts to help me get my marketing message across on digital media. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!”


  • A broker since 2004
  • Awarded the 5-Star Real Estate Agent Award multiple times
  • Sold over $50 million


  • Team of 8 brokers and agents
  • Started in 1996
  • Serves Boulder, Denver, and Summit County

Bottom line

Even the most talented small business owners can’t do everything. That’s why Susan and successful customers like her rely on OutboundEngine to handle their marketing — and free them up to handle everything else.

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